Debate Reactions

The incumbent democratic President Barack Obama was the first to step to the podium to discuss the economy and job creation, but before he got down to the nation’s business he wished his lovely wife Mrs. Michelle Obama a happy 20th anniversary. The President then reminded America that  since he has been in office America has seen  “5 million jobs, in the private sector created.” He credited the resilience and determination of the American people for the rise in jobs, housing, and the restoration of the automotive industry. Obama focused the first segment of his speech on where America is going and focusing our economy on education, training, developing new sources of energy, & changing our tax code to build small bsuinesses. President Obama went on to explain how he would, take the money we are saving in the aftermath of war to rebuild America & reduce our deficit in a balanced way that will allow for critical investments. Ultimately, the president left it up to the voters, in a semi-sarcastic tone, asking voters to choose between the top down appraoch and the  bottom up approach to reshape America, and embrace a new economic partriotism, a request that fueled former govenor of Massachusets and republican candidate,  Mitt Romney, to pull no punches.

Romney immediately began to paint a picture with his words; A picture that showed Obama’s current employment triumph’s, as  merely a small insignificant line toward a better economy. Telling heart felt stories of struggling Americans, Romney called for a different path that he split in five parts. First, energy independence, which will create about four million jobs. Then he wants to open more trade particularly in North America, and invest in education,  get us to a balanced budget, and help Americans start small businesses.

In just the first segment of the debate, the two candidates expressed what they wanted, but they didn’t explain how they would go about achieving each goal. Furthermore, each candidate essentially wants the same thing, so how can we choose who is the better candidate if they are not giving us a choice on the issues, rather they are giving us a choice behind the face who will wield the pen to drive change in our country.

Click here to see the other segments of the debate…


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