SNL Makes Fun of Obama & Big Bird

After last weeks debate, the writers of SNL had plenty of material to go on for this funny and uplifting debate with SNL actors  Jason Sudeikis’ (Mitt Romney) & Jay Pharoah (President Obama). The two actors really brought to life the criticisms that the two candidates recieved after the debate was over. President Obama (Jay Pharoah) was said to be distracted and unprepared, while Romney (Jason Sudeikis), who recieved rave reviews for being well prepared, albeit long winded. Interestingly enough, the first debate proved to be a great step for Mitt Romney who now leads in the polls by a few points. According to Pew Research Center, “Likely voters favored Romney in the presidential race by 49 percent to Obama’s 45 percent, while Romney came up even at 46 percent with Obama among registered voters, Pew said. Romney had trailed Obama by nine points among likely voters in September.”  The latest numbers from the Gallup tracking poll also shows a close race, but President Obama with the advantage. Based on interviews conducted Oct. 1 to 7, President Obama is the choice of 50 percent of the registered voters surveyed and Mr. Romney is backed by 45 percent. Now as the world awaits for the next election, Americas foreign policies are on the debate table, an issue that has already gained momentum. Check out a more hilarious take on the debate as America continues to choose who will run our country for the next four years.—>


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